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Sat, 04 Nov


Function Centre at Fitzy’s Loganholme

Rune Axe Team Championship 2023

Australia's largest teams event is back for another year!

Registration is closed
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Rune Axe Team Championship 2023
Rune Axe Team Championship 2023

Time & Location

04 Nov 2023, 8:00 am – 05 Nov 2023, 5:30 pm

Function Centre at Fitzy’s Loganholme, Bryants Rd & Pacific Hwy, Loganholme QLD 4129, Australia

About The Event

Venue: The event will be held in the Function Centre at Fitzy’s Loganholme. This is a licenced venue, with a bar directly outside our function room and an attached restaurant. Footwear must be worn at all times in the venue, no inappropriate clothing (offensive imagery or text). And it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. Do not bring your own drinks to the venue.



8am: Team registry

8:30am – 11:30am: Round 1

11:30am – 12:30pm: Lunch

12:30pm – 3:30pm: Round 2

3:45pm – 6:45pm: Round 3


8:30am – 11:30am: Round 4

11:30am – 12:30pm: Lunch (Painting Nominees will be asked to display their armies before going to lunch)

12:30pm – 1:00pm: Army Showcase and Paint Voting

1:00pm – 4:00pm: Round 5

4:30: Prize Ceremony


  • Each team will consist of four armies, each not exceeding 2000 points
  • You may only include one army from any one Allegiance, however all four armies in a team may be from the same Grand Alliance.
  • Sub-factions do not separate Allegiances. For example, you cannot have two Cities of Sigmar players on the same team, even if they are from different Cities. However, battletomes like Orruk Warclans include several separate Allegiances in the one Battletome, and all are legal in the same team if the next condition is met.
  • A Warscroll, Incarnate, Endless Spell, Grand Strategy, generic spell, generic artefact and generic command trait may not be used in more than one army list per team.
  • No FAQ, No Play. If a Battletome or Supplement has not received an FAQ by the List Submission date, it will not be permitted at this event.
  • The most recent General’s Handbook will be used at this event, and all scenarios will be selected from said GHB.


  • List submission must be completed by Friday 8pm October 20th. As stated above, we are using No FAQ, No Play. Day One FAQ’s that patch egregious or non-functioning rules interpretations are not considered for this requirement.
  • All lists must include Allegiances, sub-factions, command traits and artefacts. Spells need to be listed on the army list.
  • A tournament point penalty (to be determined in the upcoming scoring pack) will be applied per day per list for late submissions.
  • If an army list is found to be incorrect or illegal, they player in question must resubmit a legal and correct list as soon as possible.
  • Army Lists must be submitted to the Stats & Ladders website ( All players will be required to register an account and add themselves to this event. Once added players can upload their list.


  • All models in your army, including Endless Spells, summoning pools and Faction Terrain Pieces must be fully assembled, and based on the correct sized base (as per Warhammer Community Basing Guide).
  • All models (including summoning pools) must be painted and based to a Battle-Ready standard. TO reserves the right to remove unpainted models from the table at any point.
  • Modelling for advantage will be highly frowned upon.
  • All proxies and conversions in your army MUST be approved by the Tournament Organiser BEFORE the event. Creativity is always encouraged, but execution and effort are key. Unapproved proxies and conversions may be removed from the table.
  • 3D Printed Elements – 3D printed models will be allowed with the stipulation that all 3D printed elements MUST be approved prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the player to get models approved prior to the event. Effort and execution are, once again, key here. Do not take the piss.
  • Tournament Organisers reserves the right to not allow any given 3d printed model sent in for approval, and WILL not allow 3D printed models that have not been sent in for approval.


All Terrain will be Mysterious and will be preset with tokens. Please do not remove or shuffle tokens over the course of the event.


The Rune Axe Team Championship 2023 has 3-hour rounds, which includes the Match Up process. There is an expectation on players to complete their game within that time frame. There are many factors in the game, and some armies are more time intensive than others. We don’t want to punish that, but we do want every player to have an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to finish a 5-turn game. If you play a time intensive army, please be considerate of your opponent and manage your time wisely. This is particularly true for Round 2, as there is no wiggle room for running over time.


The scoring structure is currently being confirmed with Stats & Ladders that runs the scoring software and will be confirmed at a later date. This includes Sports and Painting scores.


After two teams have matched against each other for a game, the Captains of the two teams must follow these steps.

  1. Place one army list each face up on the table. This is your Throw Up list.
  2. Captains will then place two of their three remaining army lists in front of the opposing Throw Up list. These two lists will be referred to as Challengers.
  3. The Throw Up list may now pick one of those two Challenger lists to fight.
  4. The Challenger lists remaining on the table are then automatically matched into the army list in the opposing captain’s hand.
  5. The match up for that round is complete.

All army lists are to be shared with the opposing team before the match up process begins, and your Throw Up and Challengers may change from one match up process to the next.


Uniform Dice – While there are an abundance of different dice designs, be they club dice, faction specific dice or anything in between, we strongly encourage players to use the same dice across their entire dice pool to reduce and eliminate any confusion or misinterpretation.

Dice must be clearly legible, with one symbol per dice.

I strongly encourage players to use one “type” of dice (Symbols on the 6, for example), and be clear with your opponent at the start of the game what the symbols represent.


The Rune Axe Team Championship maintains zero tolerance when it comes to foul play and foul conduct. The tournament organiser reserves the right to issue warnings and/or remove any player or spectator from the event immediately on this basis. A second warning may result in removal from the event.

Anyone removed from the event due to foul play or foul conduct will not be compensated in any way, will not be eligible for any prizes or awards, and may not be welcome back to future Rune Axe Wargaming events.

While different players will approach the event with different goals, there is an expectation on every player to uphold the rules of the game, play clean and fair, and to be respectful and sportmanlike in their interactions with both players and the Organiser team.

Decisions made by the Tournament Organiser surrounding Law of Dredd are final.

Refunds are available untile October 5th, 2023. Please contact the TO to organise a refund if your team cannot attent.

Rules Adjudication:

The Tournament Organiser team will be present throughout the event to assist all players in adjudicating games. If there is a strange rules interaction, a grey area that needs clarifying or a measurement that needs an unbiased set of eyes, the TO team will happily assist in the fairest and most unbiased way possible. We’re lucky to have some veterans of the game joining the TO team this year, and they will be on site to make sure games arrive at their natural and fair conclusion each round. There should be no stigma or tension if you or your opponent calls a TO to your table to help clarify elements of the game. That is why they are here.


Winning Team – Highest overall score

2ndPlace Team – Second Highest overall score

3rdPlace Team – Third Highest overall score

The Carroll Cup – Lowest overall score

Not The Worst – Second Lowest overall score

Painting Nominations X 12 – Chosen by judges

Judges’ Choice – Chosen by Judges

Judges’ Choice Runner Up– Chosen by Judges

Dream Team – 4 Player team that showcases the highest standards across the entire team, chosen by Judges.

The Other Dream – Runner Up team to Dream Team winners

Players Choice – Popular vote from Nominations

Players Second Choice – Popular vote from Nominations

More to come…


  • Team Registration

    This ticket is for a team of 4 players.

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