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Australian AOS Podcasts

What’s one of the best ways to stay engaged with your hobby in-between events? How do you chase away the hobby slump blues? Need a laugh or the latest news? Check out these podcasts for all the latest in Aussie AOS.

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AOS Coach

The man, the beard, the legend.

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Bush Radio

Explicit language warning. Home of the 'Drunken Hour' and 'What's in the Box?!?'

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Failed Charge

It's not their fault...they're from QLD.

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Mortally Wounded

An Age of Sigmar podcast coming out of Sydney Australia. Mortally Wounded has a heavy focus on competitive play doing a detailed 'So you want to play.

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Notorious Age of Sigmar

The New Zealand boys are always welcome in the Aussie scene and so it their podcast.

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Rune Axe Radio

Two blokes far too nice to be throwing shade at the guys from Bush Radio.

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Unidentified Wargamer

Interview podcast for the Wargaming scene.

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