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Is Sigmar Central only interested in hyper-competitive events?


Absolutely not! A diverse calendar is an exciting calendar.  You can register all kinds of events including:

  • 1 or 2 day events.

  • Casual events.

  • Slow grow league events.

  • Major events and GTs

  • Online events.

  • Club events.

  • Regular/re-occurring events.

  • Narrative or open play events.


Event registration is FREE, but if you want some support in organising your event we can provide some assistance with our support packages.


You can access a range of services designed to make your life as a TO easier including:

  • Ticketing.

  • List submission.

  • Player pack design.

  • Dedicated forum.

  • Event coverage.

  • Event gallery.

  • Live streaming (coming soon).

Organising a tournament doesn't need to be difficult...

Choosing to register your event with Sigmar Central doesn't only help you - it helps to strengthen the AOS community and show players that you're invested in giving them a great competitive experience. Some of the paid services that we can offer include:


Set a release date and time and your tickets will become available for purchase. We will manage all payments and transfer the funds directly into your back account. You'll receive a complete registered player list too.


Registered players can submit their lists via the events page. No more hunting for lists in your inbox. We'll compile them and forward you a templated PDF, customised specifically for your event.


Answer a simple questionnaire and we'll compile a player pack for your event. You'll have the ability to select options from a range of league recognised competitive systems or add your own custom house rules and event requirements. The best part is that the pack will be available for download direct from the event page.


Checklists to help you prepare, policies relating to refunds, Covid or ticketing, terms and conditions, FAQs and house rulings as well as Pairings software that is flexible enough to handle your scoring requirements, but simple enough to make recording scores a breeze. You'll also be able to export your results in a format that is perfect for rankings submission. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your event!


Sigmar Central is there for you from the planning stages throughout the event itself and afterwards to publish results and recap on the highs and lows. Your event registration can include an image gallery, live stream (coming soon), links to videos and results.

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