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Rural Rampage 2022 Recap

Bendigo brings a unique spin with supplied dice, new scoring system and a pack that shakes up the meta!

When Measured Gaming decides to do something a bit different they sure don't hold back. Posed as more of a boutique event, Rural Rampage attracted a number of interstate players who were all keen to throw some dice and see what the club had in store.

Brushy proving once and for all the psychological destruction that a flesh-tone sweater can cause.

This is the first time Rural Rampage has actually been able to go ahead due to the plague over the last couple of years. With that much hype behind it, the boys were keen to ensure that it would be one to remember.


Battleplans were announced in the player pack ahead of the tournament allowing players to design lists for the best possible outcomes.


2-Day, 5-Rounds, 2000pts


4-5 June, 2022


Game 1 - The Vice

Game 2 - Survival of the Fittest

Game 3 - Marking Territory

Game 4 - Tooth and Nail

Game 5 - Savage Gains



The lists were a genuine surprise for organisers with a massive swing back to Chaos and a healthier representation of Death armies than we've seen in a while. All of the lists are available over at

Now for some of the more unique features of the weekend:

  1. Dice were supplied to all players and HAD to be used in place of people's own dice. They could use their own for wound markers or counters, but the supplied dice were introduced to ensure ease of reading opponents rolls. For thsoe of you that listen to Bush Radio you'll know that a dice standard is something that has been discussed on multiple occasions.

  2. The anti-submarine scoring system (at this point it is yet to receive a cooler name but the discussion is happening over at the forums so go check it out). The short version of this scoring system is that each loss caps the points you are able to win in subsequent rounds. The aim of this system is to ensure the podiums go to the best performers, not a player who drops the first round and smashes through the remainder of the tournament.

Friday Night

The Friday night of a Measured Gaming event is a staple of the whole experience. There is of course the setup-phase, followed by the drinking-phase, followed by the responsible-player-egress-phase then finally the more-drinking-than-we-really-should-the-night-before-a-tournament-phase for the chosen few. Did we see a few seedy players on Saturday? You bet your ass we did. If this paragraph feels familiar, its because it's the same as the Vic GT recap article. I'll say this for certain - the Bendigo tournaments are consistent.