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This. This is WHY.

An Argument for the Centralisation of the AOS Community

Why does Sigmar Central exist? For this exact reason:

Facebook is riddled with these kinds of questions. People are looking to connect with their local gaming community.

A Fractured Community

Facebook has the reach to engage with just about anybody. So why is it so lonely out there for new players? Because they need to break into much larger groups and distil their way through huge amounts of content (some of which isn't helpful to newer players) before managing to figure out how to access the community in real life.

Some of these groups do an amazing job in general for promoting AOS, but there is a fundamental disconnect for anyone not already connected to the hobby, putting massive pressure on LGS's and adding hurdles to newer players who might find it difficult to take the plunge into a scene where they don't really know anyone.

A Purpose Built Platform

In light of this, the mission of Sigmar Central is:

  1. To host a complete Australian National Events Calendar.

  2. To give the Australian AOS community a central location for debate, news, events and inspiration.

  3. To grow the Australian AOS community through:

    • Supporting new T.O’s in organising and running their events.

    • Helping new players find clubs and events in their area.

    • Acknowledging the lifetime achievements of players and celebrating their success.

Setting the Record Straight

There might be a few people out there with the wrong idea about what it is I'm trying to do with this site. Please take note of the following:

  1. The Events Calendar allows you to register any AOS event for FREE.

  2. The Gaming Clubs page allows you to register your gaming club for FREE.

  3. Site membership (required to access forums etc) is, and will remain FREE.

  4. Sigmar Central is not here to fleece the community or charge tournament organisers for things they can do themselves. The only time you pay for something is if you want help running your event.

A Final Request

As this platform grows I will continue to add more features that support the aims outlined above. I enjoy being a part of this community and I'd like to help grow it in positive new directions if I can.

I implore all community leaders, club representatives, tournament organisers, podcasters, LGS's, hobby commentators, content creators, painters, kitbashers and anyone who appreciates attending events of all shapes and sizes, or wants to see competition reach new heights of professionalism and audience engagement...Please contribute to centralising the community by directing new players and adding your content to this platform via the events calendar, forums and club pages.


NC Dave.

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