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A Hobbies Tale by Spooky Luke

Hello there Folks of the Mortal Realms, Welcome to episode 1 of my first blog (so go easy on me), where we go on an adventure across the hobby side of the Age of Sigmar world. On our travels we'll be looking into various different topics of the hobby world in an attempt to bring hobby related tips, tricks, techniques and ideas to the wider community.

Who am I? Best known as Spooky Luke from Measured Gaming on the Socials, I've been in the hobby since 40k 6th Ed, However, Slaanesh's temptations for conversion to AOS were answered quickly, with my soul forever lost to this game. Whilst I play AOS Competitively, the game has always been more of a visual experience to me rather then a competitive one. If your looking for me at an event. Try table 24, somewhere near the back corner.

Currently I'm building a Tzeentch themed Beasts of Chaos Army having recently completed a Slaanesh army which I have a lot of love for. (But have I ever been getting hammered). My biggest collection however can only be described as Grand Alliance Death. (OMG Nighthaunt..... Expect a Paint up of the upcoming boatman the moment I can get my hands on him).

Really my hobby goals come down to that strange combo of rushing armies to get ready for events, but my real love is for painting single models to the highest level I can achieve. I'm a long way from ever being able to enter a Golden Daemon. But dang would that ever be on my bucket list.

Keeping this one fairly short, gotta dip those toes in before taking the full dive. Hopefully you'll come along as we follow my hobby journey, looking into topics like 3D printing, building display boards and having a laugh as I go back and try techniques

again that I've previously failed, along with celebrate some of the fantastic hobby happening out there as I shamelessly plug other peoples guides online to help bring some of the great info out there to the wider community.

To those that've made it this far. Thankyou and I'll see you next time.

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Generic Gore Pilgrim
Generic Gore Pilgrim
May 08, 2022

Throw up some decent pics of your Glutos, that thing was lit


Joel McGrath
Joel McGrath
May 07, 2022

Great to have you doing written content spooky. Looking forward to reading your blog posts in the future!

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