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2023 Australian Masters Lists

The Age of Sigmar Masters tournament in Australia is one of the most prestigious events in the Warhammer gaming community, bringing together the best players from the season to compete for the coveted title. One of the most exciting aspects of the tournament is seeing the diverse army lists that players bring to the table, each with their own unique strategies and tactics.

Whether you are a seasoned player or a curious spectator, scroll on to explore the exciting lists that our competitors have in store for each other..


Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos

- Greatfray: Gavespawn

- Grand Strategy: Protect the Herdstone

- Triumphs: Inspired


Great Bray-Shaman (95)*

- General

- Command Trait: Slakefray Reveller

- Artefact: Brayblast Trumpet

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns

- Aspect of the Champion: Tunnel Master

Great Bray-Shaman (95)*

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Viletide

- Bonding: Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur

Beasts of Chaos Tzaangor Shaman (115)*

- Artefact: Bleating Gnarlstaff

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Tendrils of Atrophy


3 x Morghurite Chaos Spawn (230)

3 x Morghurite Chaos Spawn (230)

3 x Morghurite Chaos Spawn (230)

3 x Morghurite Chaos Spawn (230)


1 x Cockatrice (105)*


Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (480)

- Allies

Chaos Gargant (145)

Endless Spells & Invocations

Ravening Direflock (40)

Core Battalions


Additional Enhancements


Total: 1995 / 2000