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Rookie Error-Why do we do this to ourselves?

Hey Folks, Spooky Luke back again for a hobby update. So what's been happening in the hobby? Well for the last couple of months. I've been working on a body heavy Beasts of Chaos List, 85% of the list painted, 8-10 Practice games in. I love the list, and list submission is this weekend. What a dream preparation for a tournament.

But the Title? So what happened?


I submitted something else. With 2 weekends left before the event. I submitted a list that I don't own most of, haven't play tested and therefore isn't painted AND is on backorder at games workshop. My reason. It was too slow to play, and one of my key tournament list design goals is having a 1.5hour list to both help avoid migraines as well as ensure I'm amongst the first in the queue for lunch.

But of course this means. Hobby challenge. Speed is the name of the game. 2.5 weeks. 1 Army. (And a lot of stress/nerves).

So the strategy to get this done? We will be 3d Printing all the Dragon Ogors, All the models will be zenithal primed/preshaded and then a combination of airbrush and Contrast. Only a few details on each will be pushed further to give the army a bit more pop.

Step 1. Contrast and the greatest Gold I've ever used. Enlightened on Disc, Favorite unit of the list. Body is done in Contrast Space Wolf Grey highlighted with Fenrisian Grey, The Blues and green are also contrast. To add some flair I decided to give a little recipe I found in one of Vincent Venturellas Hobby cheating guides a try.

Basically taking 3 parts Vallejo Metal Color Gold, 2 parts Metal color Copper, a dash of Greenstuff world gold pigment and some flow aid. This promised to blow my mind.

And Wow it did. The flow off the brush is fantastic, the shine is fantastic with a rich Gold color. More effort in the preparation and needing to be really well mixed due to the pigment powder, but I cannot recommend this enough. Try it out and see if you love it as much as I do.

Few small details to go. But nothing that cant be thrown together last minute.

Step 2. 3d printing the Dragon Ogors

I'll save a more detailed 3d print topic for a dedicated post as we have an army to finish. With Dragon Ogors being a really old sculpt and also on backorder this really is the only option with the time frame in mind (And of course its fun).

As pictured. I'm working with an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro I picked up off Amazon. Decision to go with the Mars 2 was one of budget combined with being a very common choice meaning there's a huge online support network out there.

The Dragon Ogor print I've gone with come from Its a great resource website to get STL files from with a mixture of free and paid files.

First Step is to convert and slice the file before moving to the Printer. In the case of a resin printer it can best be described as light shining through liquid resin, hardening the resin, whilst the printer pulls your model out from the tank as it hardens. After this is needs to be cleaned in Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any uncured mess, supports removed and then I use the wash and cure station pictured to make sure the resins set properly. I'm only fitting a single Dragon Ogor per build plate and each one takes just over 8 hours in the printer itself. So we are looking at just over 120 hours of print time to produce the 15 that I need for the army.

Still need to sort out a Chimera (Also on backorder, haha), but this is the list. At the time of writing this the Dragon Ogors have just been cleaned up and ready to go on bases.

Tomorrow painting them will begin. Confidence is growing. But we aint outa the woods yet.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Throw up a comment with your least organised or most stressful event preparation. Forgetting models? Painting the night before, Painting the day of the event? It seems like such a common thing in our hobby, we know it happens, and yet it continues to happen. Every time.

Thanks for reading, Its just hit midnight and I have models to base.

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1 Comment

Sigmar Central
Sigmar Central
May 22, 2022

It’s a true initiation experienced by amateur and veteran alike. Some might ask if you’re not painting models on the night before the tournament are you really pushing yourself? ;)

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