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Stats & Ladders

A new tournament management platform is about to launch and we've landed the biggest stage imaginable...

Australia's biggest AOS tournament - Call to Glory - will be the launchpad for our new system: Stats & Ladders.

So what does it do? Its a tournament pairings software that does everything a pairings software should:

  • Lets you set up a tournament the way you want to run it.

  • Allows for custom scoring options.

  • Manages swiss pairings.

  • Calculates scores.

  • Allows for players to vote for their favourite opponents or armies.

What does it cost?

Nothing for players. Nothing for TOs yet either. That's not going to be the case forever, but for the next few months it'll be free to use. Eventually we'll bundle it into our TO support packages. Any future costs will relate to tournaments or leagues - not individual players.

So, if you're heading off to Cancon to play in the Call to Glory AOS tournament this weekend you've probably already registered. If you're not going you should still register so you can catch up on all the results once the games begin.

Once the tournament has started anyone who has an account on the website will be able to "spectate" by going to the Find Tournament page - that will take them into the tournament details page where they can see the ladder and results.

Head on over to and register if you're playing this weekend or if you just want to follow along from home.

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Mick 33
Mick 33
Feb 06, 2023

So is there a function or a way to get in and check out setting up tournaments in Stats and ladders yet?

I couldn’t see anything outside of the Cancon results, cheers

Sigmar Central
Sigmar Central
Feb 06, 2023
Replying to

Hi Mick - I've started on a website for S&L but in the short term you can email me at or with what options you're after and I can get it set up for you.

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