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All I want for Xmas... a new GHB.

For those of you familiar with the Bush Radio Podcast (I hope there's one or two here) you'll know that I'm not the biggest fan of the current GHB. I still play every single chance I get, but its like my relationship with Doctor Who. I love the franchise, I'm just waiting for the next phase to fall in love with the characters again.

Rumour is we're going to see it this year. I sure hope so, because the biggest AOS event in the world (Call to Glory at Cancon, Canberra, Australia for those of you not familiar) is fast approaching and the organisers have set a firm cut-off of Dec 31st for the new GHB to be released or its Gally-Vets-a-ho-ho for the 5-rounder in Jan.

What am I personally hoping for in the next iteration of the pitched battle ruleset?

  1. Less narrative settings/basis for the battleplans.

  2. Core battalions that off-set each other in a balanced way.

  3. An update to the reinforcements rules allowing for larger blobs of units.

  4. An artefact that turns a hero into a priest.

  5. Return of the Starstrike battleplan.

  6. Removing the proving grounds rule.

What's on your wishlist?

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