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Results: Lost Legion GT 2022

Event Name: Lost Legion Geelong

Date: 19/11/2022

Location: Geelong, VIC

This was the Lost Legion's first tournament and they received very generous donations from Tyson Gleeson. To pass on the love they ran a raffle for a Slaves to Darkness collector box to raise funds for Movember and the community was overwhelmingly kind!


  • First Place: Pat Neven - Ogor Mawtribes - 4 Ironblasters (P.S. Pat played this list at Cancon before the glow up)

  • Second Place: Luca Foerster - Kharadron Overlords - Double Ironclad

  • Third Place: Joel McGrath - Stormcast - Karazri Hallowed Knights

Other Awards

  • Best Sports: Leigh Caruana

  • Coolest Army: Laslo Nedanovski (Player Choice) and Will Knight (Judged)

  • Ran top of each bracket: 4-1 Luca Foerster, 3-2 Ashley Ellis, 2-3 Lenny Bell, 1-4 Mike Johnson.

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